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Voices of the women in Ireland

There is a voice stirring in Ireland like a quiet revolution stirring. As if Ireland has woken up to her feminine energy.In the past few weeks we have seen a sea of women skinny dip into the Guinness World Records.They did what they feared supporting those fighting cancer.

More women from the Magdeline laundries unmasked the hurt, the humiliation, the slave like labour that was forced upon them. The voices speak of anxiety, extreme hurt, pain and they come together in a mighty and powerful and beautiful way helping one another.There is a unity
in the voices, an energy that is beautiful. A powerful energy. Voices that call for justice all being heard.Ireland is coming out of the dark ages into the light. The feminine light shows her light on wrong-doings, injustice.

Somehow the outpouring of love and understanding and compassion that we feel for these women makes things real in what often appears like a false world of plastic and fastness where the app is more important than the application of justice and love.

Whatever is happening in Ireland, it is as if the feminine energy has come into play and unmasking the unspoken, unearthing the buried secrets, upturning the Church and state run organisations, digging up the weeds of secrecy and anxiety and at last crying for healing together.

Individually and collectively this feminine energy is plugged in to what is right and it is powerful.

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GDPR May 2018

The General Data Protection Regulations comes into effect on 25th May 2018. We are all busy putting templates in place to deal with this. Look at your inbox these days and you will find you are bombarded with emails asking you to opt-in or opt out of something.

But what about you? There are also templates running in your head but you can’t see them. You can hear the internal chitter-chatter and that is a template too. When you feel anxious or panicky that’s also a template. Your mind runs patterns of behaviour when you are triggered, whether internally or externally.

Your subconscious knows everything about you. It retains all information, every thought you have ever had, and all those secrets too. Isn’t that amazing?

Millions and millions of neural pathways criss-cross and build and strengthen every time you even think a thought. Our brains are the most fascinating thing about us and within your brain there is so much potential.

It has recorded all your great qualities, skills, and unique strengths, perhaps not tapped into, and also how you have overcome challenges in the past.

We must all be compliant with GDPR but surely we must also be compliant with what our real self wants: peace, that ease of being where emotional wounds are dealt with, so you can opt-in to feeling more at ease. Your consent is required 100% for this. It starts with one thought : opt in and take responsibility for yourself. Put that in your psychological database and everything changes.

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Conor McGregor won the UFC fight

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Driven by his own belief in himself he listened to one voice in particular. That voice was his own. He heard it every day whispering in his mind “you can do it”. Driven by a passion to win, he had absolute unshakeable faith in himself. He saw in his own minds eye the fight, knew what he would do, he could see the prize, hear the crowds roar with excitement long before he stepped into the ring. He could feel the championship belong to him. And that’s why he won.That unshakeable belief in his abilities and physically working out consistently. It all helped him move towards what he wanted to achieve; it made him a champion last week. The thing is, in his head, he was a champion long before he stepped into the ring.

The great heavy weight champion of the world Muhammed Ali said “I am the greatest” long before he was world champion. He too believed in his unique abilities.  And didn’t he just “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. We can learn from sports people.

One of the main reasons a champion becomes a champion is because of repetition. Consistently persistent in his quest. Not just physically, but mentally too. It requires effort. It’s sometimes hard. Sometimes you want to give up, but if you stop listening to the negativity, you are stepping into the ring with your self-saboteur and facing it head on, feeling stronger, braver, more powerful, to knock the daylights out of it, and begin, no excuses, to become all you can be.

Self-belief comes from within. In your mind and in your imagination, it requires as much shaping, sharpening, nurturing, and motivating as a fighter does in the ring. When you learn to trust your instincts, and spend as much time working on your own self belief,then you can be a champion. You can defeat the sabatoging voice in your head that holds you back.

We are a small nation but we seem to pack a good punch. Katie Taylor boxed her way to being a champion and done us proud. Isn’t it time we began to look after our minds. Stop being your own opponent. Become a champion whoever you are, whatever you do. We don’t all have to become boxers, but what we can do is adopt the attitude of a winner. Stop listening to the negativity within. Knock it out. Instead, listen to the voice of reason, the one that wants you to be confident, feel more in control, be who you want to be. Look after your mindset positively, and your mind will be set on what you want to achieve.

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