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Conor McGregor won the UFC fight

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Driven by his own belief in himself he listened to one voice in particular. That voice was his own. He heard it every day whispering in his mind “you can do it”. Driven by a passion to win, he had absolute unshakeable faith in himself. He saw in his own minds eye the fight, knew what he would do, he could see the prize, hear the crowds roar with excitement long before he stepped into the ring. He could feel the championship belong to him. And that’s why he won.That unshakeable belief in his abilities and physically working out consistently. It all helped him move towards what he wanted to achieve; it made him a champion last week. The thing is, in his head, he was a champion long before he stepped into the ring.

The great heavy weight champion of the world Muhammed Ali said “I am the greatest” long before he was world champion. He too believed in his unique abilities.  And didn’t he just “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. We can learn from sports people.

One of the main reasons a champion becomes a champion is because of repetition. Consistently persistent in his quest. Not just physically, but mentally too. It requires effort. It’s sometimes hard. Sometimes you want to give up, but if you stop listening to the negativity, you are stepping into the ring with your self-saboteur and facing it head on, feeling stronger, braver, more powerful, to knock the daylights out of it, and begin, no excuses, to become all you can be.

Self-belief comes from within. In your mind and in your imagination, it requires as much shaping, sharpening, nurturing, and motivating as a fighter does in the ring. When you learn to trust your instincts, and spend as much time working on your own self belief,then you can be a champion. You can defeat the sabatoging voice in your head that holds you back.

We are a small nation but we seem to pack a good punch. Katie Taylor boxed her way to being a champion and done us proud. Isn’t it time we began to look after our minds. Stop being your own opponent. Become a champion whoever you are, whatever you do. We don’t all have to become boxers, but what we can do is adopt the attitude of a winner. Stop listening to the negativity within. Knock it out. Instead, listen to the voice of reason, the one that wants you to be confident, feel more in control, be who you want to be. Look after your mindset positively, and your mind will be set on what you want to achieve.

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Summertime and the living is easy

Origami kusudama flower

Recently the sun has been teasing us, lurking behind the dark clouds, not showing it’s warmth or brightness. The unpredictable Irish weather – is it really here? Summertime.

And maybe, just maybe, there is a little metaphor here for you. When you lurk behind dark clouds of negative thinking, you no longer shine. It’s important to interrupt that pattern of negative thinking often so you can begin to feel better faster.

Begin to look for the positives within you, the good mind behind the face, the intelligent, the determination, the kindness, the you that sometimes gets lost trying to fit in. Wouldn’t be it wonderful to let the real you shine?

  • Stop worrying about what others think.
  • Begin to believe in yourself.
  • Act on your ideas, talents and skills.
  • Re-educate yourself if you have to.
  • Stop doubting yourself – give that the boot!
  • Be kinder and more loving to yourself.
  • Establish a voice inside your head that insists on saying good things about you.

If the sun doubted whether it would shine, we might never experience these beautiful days. Bring out the sunshine that’s in there in you – let it shine – be you – think big why not shoot for the stars and rise above the dark clouds.

Have a great summer.


Spring clean your head

Spring is in the air - time to spring clean your mind

And so, spring time is just around the corner. You can see the yellow burst of daffodils about. The sun is shining more.The evenings are longer and brighter.Early morning you can hear the sound of young birds about.There is a sense of newness and growth – spring time.

As you look at your garden, there may be a few weeds there.You might be thinking “I need to tackle them” but what about your head?  What do you need to cut back on? Now I don’t know if it’s negative thinking that’s a problem, but wouldn’t it be great to begin to stop that old way of thinking. Almost as if you are pruning those old worn out thoughts.

Imagine nurturing good, more useful thoughts about yourself. The trick like gardening is you have to keep working at it even when you don’t want to. It’s like planting new seeds in the garden and watching them blossom and grow and see the beauty unfold.

Your mind is a storehouse of all you have ever seen, heard, read, sensed, smelt, tasted.In reality, you know much more than you think you do. Stop comparing yourself to others. Flip the negative thoughts, remember you are setting up patterns in your head.

As spring time approaches, perhaps its time to cut back on all that over growth of negative thinking, start to prune each thought so that it works better for you. Nourish it with self-belief. Feed it with persistence.Throw out the rubbish so you can see things differently and feel better faster.It’s worth listening to good more useful thoughts about yourself inside your head.

And as you sow new seeds of opportunity and growth, your whole life will expand and blossom.You will begin to see things differently, in a whole new light.

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