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Let’s start with you

Listening with Purpose

During your initial consultation I am already looking for clues. I hear it in your voice. I see it in your body language. The voice that sounds hurt, that knows the pain, that feels the symptoms displayed in their body.

Down to Earth

I keep things down to earth. I’m that kind of person. I’m a Northsider and a third generation Dubliner. I’m as down to earth as you can get. I like to keep things real, practical and easy to talk about. What you see is what you get.

Reflected Experience

With my now greying hair and ageing body I too have lived a life and experienced many things. I understand loss, grief, pain and suffering. Yes, I might have all these fancy qualifications but I am also a human being dealing with everything the same as everyone else.

We are all a work in progress…

I have never met a perfect person yet and that includes me. We are all a work in progress. We all have flaws and imperfections. When clients have been working with me for a few weeks I ask them a question “let’s say on the first day we started working together you were at a zero and our aim is to get you as close to 10 as possible”. I explain that nobody gets a perfect 10, but, they might get pretty close.

If a client says “I feel like I am at 8” and let’s say we are due to finish therapy, I explain to them that the remaining 2% is what they need to work on themselves for the rest of their life. Essentially they become their own therapist. So for the rest of their lives until they leave the planet, their job is to look after themselves, so they no longer need a therapist. So they learn how to use their techniques/tools they have learned, to love themselves and if that 2% takes a lifetime, then it is the best work in progress ever.

Having Trouble Recognising What’s Holding You Back?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

I watch the walking wounded every day. I listen to their stories. I sense their distress. I know I can make a difference. I know I can help you realise your mistaken beliefs about yourself. The answers you’re looking for are already inside you. I am merely a guide. I want you to ultimately become your own therapist. You can unlearn the fake beliefs you took onboard a long time ago. You can heal the hurt and pain you feel. I come from a belief that inside the recesses of your mind is the key to unlocking the anxiety or whatever other label your symptom present as. 

How I can Help

Having studied, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, Coaching and Brain Working Recursive therapy, I am in awe at how you can help a client back from the brink. The work you put in will give you hope. Hope for a future you can work towards.

Psychotherapy / Hypnotherapy

Overcome fake beliefs and build self confidence.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

View your life from a different perspective.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Let go of fear, feel less stressed and anxious.


Identify your own value system and live your life according to that system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Can you tell me what you do?

I help people overcome their anxiety, fear, panic or depression.

Your mind is like a filing cabinet with four drawers. The first three drawers are everyday stuff “I need to get dinner in” or “I must collect the children” or “I must pay that bill” etc. but the bottom drawer is where you put all the stuff you don’t know how to deal with. It stays there one month, one year, one decade, multiple decades until it is triggered!

You see your brain (brain, subconscious, unconscious, reptilian brain) wants to keep you safe. That’s it’s job. It's constantly scanning the environment, wherever you are, to keep you safe. If you are triggered, your brain scans the filing cabinet of your mind and it finds something in there that it views as a threat (an event that happened in the past), it will then focus your full attention on what it perceives as a threat. It’s like it is trying to help you. Like a sentry on guard. Right there and then it’s as if all those files that you have locked away have been opened inside your head and you are thinking with your logical mind “why do I feel like this”.

Your subconscious has just been triggered and it will do everything it can to stop you in your tracks. In the filing cabinet of your mind something has been stored as a threat. Your mind has learned a lesson way back that has made you feel hurt or reactive. You may have taken on a belief that is now driving the show and it is that belief that is the star performer.

I work with your subconscious mind to help you release the hurt, the fear, the anxiety, the fake beliefs, in the most respectful way so you can begin to live life the way you want to.

How soon can I start?

There is normally a waiting list as I only work with a small number of clients at any given time.

Currently the wait time is about six weeks. If you need a referral to another therapist , I will help in any way I can.

How much does each session cost?

The cost at the moment is €100.00 per session payable before your appointment.

Each session lasts a full hour. Occasionally this may last a little longer if something important arises.

Have you dealt with anything like this before?

Yes! If I had a penny for each time I have been asked this I would be very rich.

I have worked with many clients with different issues. They have all thought they are the only ones who have experienced what they are experiencing. I specialise in helping clients overcome anxiety in all its guises.

I would think I'm unshockable at this stage.

How often should I attend?

It really all depends on the therapy. Experience has taught me that weekly sessions produce best results. My work is much faster and much quicker. You will not need to attend any longer than is necessary.


What are your qualifications?
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy ICHP Ireland
  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy ICHP Ireland
  • Masters Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy ICHP Ireland
  • Enhanced Hypnotic CBT, ICHP Australia (part of Masters)
  • Supervisor Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy ICHP Ireland
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Essex Institute UK
  • Advanced Diploma Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Essex Institute UK
  • BWRT Level 1 Terence Watts Institute UK
  • BWRT Level 2 Terence Watts Institute UK
  • BWRT Master Coach Terence Watts Institute UK
  • Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching Irish Lifecoach Institute Ireland
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Ireland
  • NLP Life Coach Ireland
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Certification
  • National Hypnotherapy Register Ireland

A bit about me

Therapist, Trainer, Coach and Author

I’m a colourful mix of everything I’ve encountered. A salt of the earth, Northside Dub with a strong spiritual side. Even though I use humour to get me through the day, I’m deadly serious about helping people. I know I can make a difference, I’ve seen the benefits of what I do first hand. I have witnessed it change people’s lives.

Everything I ask my clients, I have asked of myself. I have been through the same therapy, felt the emotional pain and experiences the lightness when it’s released.



My Approach

I see us as two gardeners digging out the weeds of indecision, of anxiety, of fake beliefs, of disempowerment, of guilt, of shame. You play the role of the head gardener and I am the go-for. I give you the tools and teach you the techniques but you ultimately do the hard work, the grafting, the letting go, the homework, the belief that you can and will do it.

My Process

After an in-depth initial consultation, I reflect on the information/answers you have provided to my questions. These coupled with your own queries allows me to craft a bespoke selection of techniques that I’ll use to help you. I will present you with an honest evaluation so that we both have a clear, mutual understanding of the work that we need to undertake before we start.

Unique Framework

I will use all my skills gained from working with clients from all walks of life.  You will be asked to complete a personality profile to help me understand why you think a certain way and help you understand how the triggers and distress patterns in your life affect you. I will be using cutting edge ethical techniques as a framework to create a programme that suits you. One that’s tailored to your individual needs.


See change in action

"What makes Margaret unique is that she simply goes beyond your daily challenges – whatever they may be. She will help you to explore and uncover the true values in your life, set the priorities and focus on them. All of this is of course your own job, but Margaret will guide you through this process and encourage you throughout the way. And she will do this in a fun, friendly and enjoyable way."



"I used to have really bad presentation difficulties. I was afraid before a presentation, all of my life. Since working with Margaret, I have given many presentations to large groups and cannot believe that I have been on radio on numerous occasions. It's all thanks to Margaret's hard work and great CD. She worked her magic. No words can express my gratitude to her."


CEO Nuture Health

What’s the Story

Stay up to date with my take on the world



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Having studied, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, Coaching and Brain Working Recursive therapy, I am in awe at how you can help a client back from the brink. The work you put in will give you hope. Hope for a future you can work towards. Take the first step today!

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