Changing times, new learnings

Like a farmer who would prepare his field, we can plant new seeds of thinking and being. We now have a real opportunity to learn and grow.

Business owners are starting to get creative about new ways of doing business. A new kind of leadership is beginning to emerge.

People have begun to say “hello” to one another again. We now really see the value of companionship. “Your health is your wealth” has taken on a whole new meaning. We sense there is a bigger picture here.

We realize how lucky we are, as we see our doctors and nurses, fire brigade, ambulance drivers, carers, chemist workers, cleaners, and supermarket workers, put themselves at risk for us. The parents and guardians who become teachers, thank you each and every one of you.

It’s as if the true human spirit of most people has resurfaced. Kindness is showing it’s face again.

Unknown to you consciously, your nervous system is always scanning the environment to sense danger. Its working in the background. It wants to protect you. It wants to keep you safe. Feeling continually unsafe is dangerous to your wellbeing. Your brain goes into overdrive.

As we face into a further three weeks of lock-down, consider limiting your news intake each day.

Comedy is so important right now. When you laugh you send happy feelings throughout your body. That has to be good for your immune system. And we need to keep our immune system happy and healthy.

My father was a comic genius and he often said to me “we had nothing, so we had to make our own fun”. He was always messing and playing pranks, or telling stories. We need that war like spirit, making fun out of nothing. It’s a survival technique. We have started to act in character at home. We are working on the Russian accent at the moment. My nick-name is Glad-a-mear! It changes your energy when you begin to mimic accents. Rock your house with music and interrupt the negative thinking. Get the good feelings going. Think of how you can help your immune system!

When push comes to shove who is really important in your life? Beyond the money, beyond the job. Who and what is most important? We can learn so many things from this time in history. Beyond the fear, beyond the doubt, beyond the uncertainty. If we are all in this together, let’s organise our thinking in a new way. We can start anew.

Focus on what you can control. When a farmer prepares his field, there is not much to see at first, but then slowly, new shoots begin to grow and get sturdy. We can survive. We can grow. We are a famine nation, it is in our DNA to survive. We will have learned many lessons by the end of this pandemic, and if we continue to honour those lessons and show kindness, take time for each other, and make fun out of nothing, we will have qualified with a distinction in the university of life.

Stay safe and stay well

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As we become so familiar with the word “restrictions” where we are all asked to control our actions which limit us is many ways. How could you turn that into a positive?

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Staying in your own bubble

Staying in your own bubble

As we move forward from this pandemic we are asked to continue to stay in our own bubble as much as possible. We can visit family and friends but being mindful of washing our hands and continuing to wear masks and keep that social distance of two metres.

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The masks we wear

The masks we wear

We have all gotten used to wearing masks (the physical ones). We have been used to masks on an emotional level too. Each of us wear masks to hide our true feelings. The “I’m fine” mask is well known.

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My watch pings. My phone vibrates. My email dings. It’s as if there is a message everywhere every moment saying something like “hurry I’m speaking to you – can you not hear the vibrations – get stressed – I’m important – answer me – be at my beck and call – now – now – now – vibration – vibration – vibration.

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