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Self worth is real worth

Self worth is real worth. The way to transformation is in developing your own self-worth. Stop listening to the critic within you. Stop wanting to be like everybody else. For there is only one you. You are as unique as each individual star in the sky. The turtle when he comes into the world knows instinctively that he must go into the water. He does not wait for others to tell him what to do. He doesn’t doubt his own instinct.

A lifetime spent developing your own self-worth, is a lifetime that well spent. It is your purpose in life. By doing that, you can change the world. By developing that self-worth you start to develop self-love.

There is no power in the universe that is as strong as self-love. And there live your principles. There are your goals. There is your determination. There is your focus. There is your motivation.

By genuinely working on your own self-worth know you are changing the world.

How so? Because those around you notice. They see how you have grown. You inspire others by, simply, being you. That drives humanity to want to do the same.

Some may work on self-worth. Some may work on self- doubt. The results are all too obvious to see.

if you spend your days working on self-worth you will begin to look upon yourself as worthy. You will begin to know and nurture self-love and compassion. Your destiny is in who you are.

Your self-worth is worth working on.

Begin. Start. Tear back the layers of self-doubt and build your self-worth to be solid and strong. Even if it takes forever, know you are worth it.

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Taking five – bringing home the harvest

As we look towards Halloween, harvest time has arrived and traditionally animals are beginning to hibernate for the winter months to come.

Unlike the animals, we can’t hibernate during the winter. However, maybe this is a time you can use to take five minutes out for youself more often. Just five minutes out of your busy day. Five minutes away from the bing of the phone, the ding-a-ling of the landline, the ding-dong of the doorbell, the beep of the iPad and the blinking emails that seem to dominate your day.

Take five minutes for you so that you can reap the harvest of deep relaxation. Whether it is meditation, just sitting quietly with everything turned off or whether you practice mindfulness by bringing your attention back to your breath. Just that time to bring home the harvest of just being. Not rushing around. To stop always doing and to just be. Just five minutes for you.

Surely that is a harvest worth coming home to. Oh how your mind will reward you if you just give it a little time, a little peace, five minutes here and there throughout your day.

Surely that is a sound worth listening to.

If I can help you and someone you know, just ring me. My contact details are here on my site.

Self worth is real worth

If you spend your days working on self-worth you will begin to look upon yourself as worthy. You will begin to know and nurture …

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