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Wasteful thoughts – Bin them

It’s bin day to-day in Dublin.  Three bins are outside our house. The grey bin, the green bin and the brown bin. So during the week some waste is put in the landfill. All the waste we want to get rid of. Now the other two bins can be recycled. All the cardboard and paper items and the compost like vegetable peels.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a dedicated bin day for our waseful thoughts. We decide that the “you are not good enough” thought is really wasteful and bin it. Get rid ot if.  Put it in the waste bin because it’s just a waste of time, a waste of space in a beautiful mind, a wasteful,useless thought.  But, you could recycle that “you know you could do that thing you have always wanted to” thought.  You could really use that thought, drive that home, put that in our mind and recycle it, reuse it. Similar to the recycling bin outside our house, you could send it off to your subconscious and allow it to be recycled into something new.  You might even use the idea of the compost bin, that old stuff, that’s used to help bring about nurturing and growth in the garden.

Start to separate the negative thoughts about yourself into three areas just like you do as you go through your week separating your household waste. You could separate your head waste too into three different areas:

1.   Bin the wasteful thought for good.

2.   Recycle the good thought, send it off to your deeper mind with thoughts of  growth.

3.   Use the recycled stuff to nurture your dreams/ideas/goals.

As you recycle your household waste, work on your head, get rid of the wasteful thoughts and start to nurture your ideas about yourself. Nature has a way of sorting things out if your nurture it.  Bin, Recycle, Reuse.

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Autumn, a time of letting go

The roadways are paved with crunchy golden brown leaves. Nature knows when to let go of what it no longer needs. Perhaps it’s time to consider letting go of what is not working for you.

Some people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. If you are one of those people, ask yourself is it really worth it?

Let go of the burdens, the worries, the guilt, the insecurities.

Begin to plant new seeds of potential within your own mind. Tend to building and cultivating your own self esteem and your potential. Follow through on what really matters most to you. Get rid of the weeds that invade your way of thinking. Tend to the ideas, the dreams, and self belief that are so important in your life.

You don’t have to wait until a new year comes around. You could start now. A new season of opportunity. Time to leave behind a way of thinking that is no longer serving you well. Plant the seed in your mind of looking after yourself. Nurture it well, feed it with hope, drive it with motivation and begin to let go of old ways of thinking and start anew.

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