The Force Awakens

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In The Force Awakens the Star Wars series recently released, the war between good and bad forces continues The Resistance are working continually to save the light side of the force and Luke has exiled himself to Skellig Michael. Thank you Luke, I hope that attracts a lot of tourists to Ireland.

In Star Wars, they have the ability to mind read. Often we think we can mind read too. Really what we are doing is making assumptions based on past experience. We can get ourselves into fierce trouble within our own heads trying to mind read. Unless you have a recognised Degree in Mind reading, leave it to a Jedi.

And what of thougths. The good ones and the the bad ones. Everything you think consciously (about 10% of your mind) is stored in your subconscious mind (about 90% of your mind). The subconscious will take everything you think on board good and bad. It accepts your thoughts as truth. So you can see how important it is to interrupt negative thinking in it’s track. (unless of course you are in front of a hungry looking hippo).

You can lose hours in a day getting attached to a negative thought which is not useful to you. It’s far better to learn to interrupt that negative thought and replace it with a more useful one that will help you see the light. And remember, as you do that, more and more, your subconscious is filing that away, building a storehouse of belief within yourself, that you can learn to continually build upon.

The light is within you. The power is within you. You can make a difference. You can feel better. Be who you want to be but you have to take responsibility for that. You are the only one that can do that for you. If you have emotional stuff outstanding that you need to deal with, see someone who can help. Stop letting that hold you back. The force is within you to be what you want to be.

Even the Jedi’s had to train their mind. They had to train how to protect themselves. They had to work on it day after day until it became a habit. Until it became a pattern. Until it became their way of life.

And as we start stepping into a New Year, perhaps you can begin to look at the quality of your thoughts. Perhaps you can begin to retrain your mind to think more effectively, think more kindly about yourself, and work towards the power already within you.

And on that note I wish you a Happy New Year and may the force be with you.

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Autumn a time of letting go

Autumn a time of letting go

Autumn a time of letting go









The roadways are paved with crunchy golden brown leaves. Nature knows when to let go of what it no longer needs. Perhaps it’s time to consider letting go of what is not working for you.

Some people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. If you are one of those people, ask yourself is it really worth it?

Let go of the burdens, the worries, the guilt, the insecurities.

Begin to plant new seeds of potential within your own mind. Tend to building and cultivating your own self esteem and your potential. Follow through on what really matters most to you. Get rid of the weeds that invade your way of thinking. Tend to the ideas, the dreams, and self belief that are so important in your life.

You don’t have to wait until a new year comes around. You could start now. A new season of opportunity. Time to leave behind a way of thinking that is no longer serving you well. Plant the seed in your mind of looking after yourself, nurture it well, feed it with hope, drive it with motivation, and begin, to let go of old ways of thinking and start anew.

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Conor McGregor won the UFC fight

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Driven by his own belief in himself he listened to one voice in particular. That voice was his own. He heard it every day whispering in his mind “you can do it”. Driven by a passion to win, he had absolute unshakeable faith in himself. He saw in his own minds eye the fight, knew what he would do, he could see the prize, hear the crowds roar with excitement long before he stepped into the ring. He could feel the championship belong to him. And that’s why he won.That unshakeable belief in his abilities and physically working out consistently. It all helped him move towards what he wanted to achieve; it made him a champion last week. The thing is, in his head, he was a champion long before he stepped into the ring.

The great heavy weight champion of the world Muhammed Ali said “I am the greatest” long before he was world champion. He too believed in his unique abilities.  And didn’t he just “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. We can learn from sports people.

One of the main reasons a champion becomes a champion is because of repetition. Consistently persistent in his quest. Not just physically, but mentally too. It requires effort. It’s sometimes hard. Sometimes you want to give up, but if you stop listening to the negativity, you are stepping into the ring with your self-saboteur and facing it head on, feeling stronger, braver, more powerful, to knock the daylights out of it, and begin, no excuses, to become all you can be.

Self-belief comes from within. In your mind and in your imagination, it requires as much shaping, sharpening, nurturing, and motivating as a fighter does in the ring. When you learn to trust your instincts, and spend as much time working on your own self belief,then you can be a champion. You can defeat the sabatoging voice in your head that holds you back.

We are a small nation but we seem to pack a good punch. Katie Taylor boxed her way to being a champion and done us proud. Isn’t it time we began to look after our minds. Stop being your own opponent. Become a champion whoever you are, whatever you do. We don’t all have to become boxers, but what we can do is adopt the attitude of a winner. Stop listening to the negativity within. Knock it out. Instead, listen to the voice of reason, the one that wants you to be confident, feel more in control, be who you want to be. Look after your mindset positively, and your mind will be set on what you want to achieve.

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