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Self worth is real worth

Self worth is real worth. The way to transformation is in developing your own self-worth. Stop listening to the critic within you. Stop wanting to be like everybody else. For there is only one you. You are as unique as each individual star in the sky. The turtle when he comes into the world knows instinctively that he must go into the water. He does not wait for others to tell him what to do. He doesn’t doubt his own instinct.

A lifetime spent developing your own self-worth, is a lifetime that well spent. It is your purpose in life. By doing that, you can change the world. By developing that self-worth you start to develop self-love.

There is no power in the universe that is as strong as self-love. And there live your principles. There are your goals. There is your determination. There is your focus. There is your motivation.

By genuinely working on your own self-worth know you are changing the world.

How so? Because those around you notice. They see how you have grown. You inspire others by, simply, being you. That drives humanity to want to do the same.

Some may work on self-worth. Some may work on self- doubt. The results are all too obvious to see.

if you spend your days working on self-worth you will begin to look upon yourself as worthy. You will begin to know and nurture self-love and compassion. Your destiny is in who you are.

Your self-worth is worth working on.

Begin. Start. Tear back the layers of self-doubt and build your self-worth to be solid and strong. Even if it takes forever, know you are worth it.

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World Cup 2014


The world cup 2014 is well under way. Some matches are good, others not so good. You can tell a good player when you see him display his dazzling talent. You can sense the motivation etched on his face. He is fit, eager and keeps his eye on the ball. Some players foul, get yellow cards, are replaced by others. The referee must decide who is right and who must pay the price for foul play.

In the game of life we rarely develop our own talents.  We play games in our heads and say things like “I must do that sometime”. Yet the game of life continues. Some people become excellent at self-criticism. That takes up a lot of extra time.  Why not give yourself a yellow card each time you criticize yourself reminding yourself that you are better than you think you are. There are skills to learn, talents to re-develop. Time to be used wisely.

Some of the players and goalkeepers have been brilliant in the most recent games. They keep their eyes on the ball.  What if you kept your eye on your goals.  What if you started to make goals? No matter how small. Once they are meaningful to you, that’s all that matters. And what if you didn’t take your eyes off your goal?  You didn’t listen to the criticism in your head. You could become your own inspiration, your own coach.

Someone will win the world cup.  They will feel a real sense of pride. They will keep their eyes on the ball. What about you?

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I Just Want To Be Happy


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                  “I just want to be happy –  I want to feel more confident”

This is what I hear each day in my Hypnotherapy and NLP practice in Raheny when clients come to see me. They want to feel less stressed. They have all sorts of issues: low self-esteem, fears, anxieties, eating disorders, depression, lack of confidence etc. They yearn for happiness.

Details of new exciting seminar The Happiness Habit:


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