Creating Rapport

No matter how brilliant you are at your job, unless you can build rapport with your staff or perhaps your customers, or colleagues, or patients, or students, you are not communicating effectively.

Yet, if you create rapport, then your brilliance comes alive. Because when one person takes the time to be interested in another, and see their point of view, then a meaningful relationships blossoms.

How often do you remember that teacher who you feel really understood you?

  1. What was that doctor’s name that made you feel everything would be OK?
  2. Who was the boss you could approach?
  3. Who was that person that really inspired you to believe in yourself?

Questions for you:

Where are you in your head when your customer tells you his wife is sick? Are you listening with empathy or are you stuck in your own thoughts?

When did you last compliment your staff on doing that small job really well? Imagine how they will feel if you compliment them on doing a small job, and not waiting for the big rush job to compliment them. Consistency is the name of the game.

Open doors of opportunity:

Building rapport is the stepping stones to opening doors of opportunity. The door often opens slowly, creaking – until it swings wide open – and lets the opportunities enter.


What do you think?