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                  “I just want to be happy –  I want to feel more confident”

This is what I hear each day in my Hypnotherapy and NLP practice in Raheny when clients come to see me. They want to feel less stressed. They have all sorts of issues: low self-esteem, fears, anxieties, eating disorders, depression, lack of confidence etc. They yearn for happiness.

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Sometimes we take happiness for granted, as if it is a given. When we feel low, all we want is to be happy. The simplicity of that is so powerful.

A while ago, I checked what most of my clients’ desired outcomes were. The top two things clients tell me they want are: to be happy and to be confident.

Steve Andreas a wonderful Psychotherapist and NLP Trainer says: “You can’t get happiness directly.  You have to find out what experiences  make you happy and seek those out – and the result is happiness”

What experiences make you happy?

People can tell me very quickly what makes them miserable. When I ask what makes them happy they pause and wonder “what makes me happy?”. Then they might say,  “I don’t know, I used to like………” They “used” to like something or other. That’s in the past way of thinking, no longer active.

You can have all the money and perceived success in the world, but if you are not happy, then you are not rich. Happiness is a wealth in itself. Worry and stress will drain you.  Happiness will make you feel relaxed, healthy and at ease. Recognising what experiences actually make you happy is the first step in becomming happier.

Tips for working towards happiness are:

  • Become aware of and prioritise what is really important in your life
  • Do things that are fun for you. If you don’t know what is fun for you, do what used to be fun for you
  • Make happiness a habit and part of your mental and physical wellbeing

Like everything else in life, happiness doesn’t just happen, you have to create it and just work at it.  Focus on what experiences make you happy. Take action, and repeat this often, it becomes a pattern in your mind. It becomes a habit. And the subconscious is all about patterns. It works on repetition. Doesn’t it make sense to work towards experiencing happiness more often?

Sometimes it can be daunting to do these things by yourself, this is where coaching and NLP techniques come in. And this is where you can learn with a trained professional how to make Happiness a habit in your life.

Details of new exciting seminar The Happiness Habit:

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