Have you ever felt really cheesed off? You are happy and yet, there is that gnawing feeling that you want to do something, and you make all the excuses in the world for not doing it.

So what is stopping you from doing what you want to do?   We all have this little self-sabotaging voice, which says things like:

“You could never do that”
“You’re crazy”
“Look at what happened last time you tried”
“Remember how bad you were at school”

It’s a small voice isn’t it? Yet, it can have a powerful effect on how you live your life. How is the sabotaging voice inside your head serving you well?  It is not!  This is the type of negative self-talk that holds you back from moving forward! Imagine always driving in reverse. How boring would that be? Never getting to where you want to go.

Becoming aware of the sabotaging voice in your head is the first step towards a new way of thinking.

What about pressing an imaginary “pause” button every time you hear that pathetic small voice demanding to be heard inside your head.

Or pretend you are pressing a “delete button” every time you hear its ugly noise.

You will certainly become aware how much that voice influences you on a daily basis. You can actually tell that voice to “get lost” or something even stronger!

Beginning to make small changes in how you think can have an amazing effect on your life.