NLP is about changing your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour.  NLP is the study of how we think, how we communicate and how we behave.

How to create positive feelings:
We are all creatures of habit and that includes how you and I think.  Lets say you want to achieve a goal that is really important to you. Thinking about what you want to do is very different from really experiencing it.  If you want to get excited about something, you need to get involved physically and mentally. This is done by stepping into the experience and associating with it.  NLP calls this “associated.  Imagine focusing on what you will see, what you will hear, and what you will feel when you have achieved that important goal.  You can do this easily within a few moments.  The good feelings will motivate you to do what you want to do. Now if you imagine your picture bigger and brighter, full of colour, bringing it closer and closer to you, you will begin to notice how strong your positive feelings are. Experience the feeling. That is fully associating in the feeling.  This is real experience. This is what successful business people do.  They experience the event before it happens. This is what successful sports people do.  This is what successful actors do. They make mental magic inside their own head.  You can do the same thing!  This is building mental confidence in your ability to realize your goal.  Practice this and you will find your positive feelings increase more often, more of the time.

How to change negative feelings:
If you have a problem that you want to get some space from, just mentally move that negative picture/sound further and further away in your mind.  In NLP this is what we call “disassociating”.  Make the negative picture smaller, dull, black and white, removing it of all colour.  Continually move it off way into the distance. This will affect your feelings immediately.  Keep moving the negative image/ sound off into the distance. Basically you are stepping out of the experience. Now check to see how you feel about this.  Chances are it will give you some breathing space. The negative feelings will lessen.  Practice this, and it will give you the chance to clear your mind and see from a different perspective

Simply by using these two techniques one for making good feelings, and one for lessening bad feelings, you will be changing the way you feel within minutes.  Perhaps you are a busy mum or dad or a business executive who needs help with these things, please contact me if you do. There are many NLP tools to help you achieve the life you want. By changing your mindset, you can change your life. Sometimes its just about simple habits we all have that need to change.

NLP really means Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Neuro relates to our brain, linguistic means the language we use and how that affects us, and programming relates to the way we have set up programs inside our mind which affect our behaviour.  Basically, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is the study of excellence, the study of how we think, how we communciate and how we behave.

Hope you find this helpful.

Next time, I will look at negative language and how changing one small word will have a dramatic effect on your decision making process

Until next time, have a good week.