What are your Talents?

Everyone is born with talents. It may be that you are a great talker. You might be a great fisherman. You may be someone who can write with effortless ease. Whatever your talent, my question is:

Are you using the natural talents you were born with?
Are you going through your whole life putting off that book that you know you could write? Or what about that picture that you know you could paint? At the end of your life, your natural talent will be no more. If unused, consider how sad it would be. Imagine giving a really beautiful present to someone.

You have taken great care to give them that something special, a once-off item. You gift wrap it. You put on those nice ribbons and bows on that special present. And then, when you give that present with all your heart, it is tossed in a dark corner and never opened.

Not using your natural talents is like leaving a beautiful present unwrapped.

It might be that you are a great photographer. Imagine if you focused on creating great photos. They exist forever. They could be timeless. They could form part of history.

Have you ever been in the company of someone who plays a musical instrument and makes it sing and dance? Are you one of those people who constantly hear others say “I would love to be able to do that”? They are talking about you!

Your natural talent is a gift

It has been bestowed on you and you alone. Don’t waste that precious gift. You were born to shine. Find that gift inside you, share it, and be who you were truly meant to be.

What do you think?