Visual Thinker:
Sometimes you paint pictures/images in your head and then turn it into a mental movie. We create our own movies in our head.  You become the script writer, director, producer, and of course you play all the parts. Think of all the energy you use to do this.  Imagine taking a different perspective and focusing on your imagery being something you like.  Stop and replace the negative image and turn it into something you find illuminating. Focus on doing that more often.

Auditory Thinker:
All movies need sound, so you throw in a bit of self-criticism.  Often your own internal voice is the worst critic of all.  Stop and replace the sound inside your own head. Make it softer.  Make it kinder. You won’t leave the planet by being kind to yourself.

Kinesthetic Thinker:
All movies require emotions and that’s where feelings come into play. A kinesthetic thinker feels things deeply. You might take on board everybody’s problems, and literally feel how they feel. You probably have good intuition so get a sense of looking after you. If your internal pictures and sound are negative you will feel that way.  Use your emotions to experience fun, literally feel it.

What kind of Movie-Maker are you:
We have 5 senses.  Most of the time we use three; visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  You have the ability to make your mental movie a good one rather than a bad one. Make your pictures bigger and brighter, focus on what you like to do. Listen to a voice inside your head that encourages you no matter who is around you. Feel the good feelings of being in good humour and looking after yourself for a change.

Stop & Replace Technique:
When you find yourself not feeling so great, use the stop and replace technique. Stop the image. Blank out the screen to white. Put up a new picture that makes you feel good.  Turn down the sound until you can’t hear the critic speak. Mute it!  Put in a new sound, maybe your favourite piece of music.  The feeling should immediately start to change.  You are changing the way you normally process internally which will affect you externally. Basically you are interrupting the pattern of thinking you normally use.

It takes at least 21 days to break  a habit:
Imagine changing how you create pictures, sounds and feelings. What if you did this for a month?  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  Amazingly, you might break a bad habit, and start to feel really good.

So what kind of movie maker are you going to be?