Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears.  Never let anyone bring you down. You have got to keep going”  (Chantal Sutherland)

Last weekend the Donegal GAA team won a match that everyone expected the Dublin team to win. What struck me listening to one of the players interviewed after the match, was the absolutely and utter belief the whole team had individually and collectively that they could win.  This is the stuff that champions are made of.  Again and again the team player spoke about their coach. He believed in them. He believed they could do it. He never doubted their ability. That fed into the teams’ belief in themselves. It made them stronger mentally. Their belief was unshakeable. The outcome was the result they got.

Beliefs are powerful. When Muhammad Ali walked into the ring he believed he had already won the fight. He spent every waking hour imaging every angle, every step, everything, he believed in himself. When Martin Luther King started his civil rights groups, he changed the belief that a man or woman’s colour did not stop him getting a vote. He didn’t back down on his beliefs.

Beliefs are powerful.  When a positive belief is encouraged, a person is inspired to go on, fuelled with a passion.

Beliefs are powerful.  They can be extremely powerful when a person believes they are not good enough, or not smart enough. A person can live a life based on a belief that is wrong, but driven by their subconscious. That can be changed.

We all have our own belief systems running inside our heads. When someone constantly reinforces your good behavior, you feel a sense of pride in yourself.  Now here is the deal, what if you were to become your own powerful inspiration? What if you started to believe the positive attributes you have, that are worth believing in.  You would be an unstoppable force.

Last weekend we saw a team win a match no one believed they could – except them. They knew they could.  They believed they could. They felt it in their bones. They could taste the win.

Beliefs whether positive or negative are powerful motivators.

Tips to change your mindset:

1     Flip a self-imposed criticism you say to yourself to something kinder, more useful, more positive, more powerful.

2    Repeat a mantra to yourself that works and motivates you to a better state of mind

3    Hang around with people who see your potential in you and regularly tell you.

Start believing in the possibilities and the potential within you.

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