Halloween is approaching. With it comes all the imagination of dressing up as someone else. Perhaps as Dracula or Snow White, Mrs. Brown or a storybook witch. There will be families all over Ireland using their imagination to create Halloween costumes. There will be trick or treating at the door, fireworks displays and bonfires. All part of the Halloween festivities. The fire bridge will be on stand by and pets will scurry from loud noises. Most people will wear masks or have their faces painted, hiding who they really are.

In daily life we often hide who we really are. We can often put on masks for the roles we play in life. Sometimes we can get lost in the mask that we present to the world. We mask who we really are. We get on the treadmill of life and it seems that the mask and the treadmill take over. The real you gets lost in life.

What if you took off the mask and became the real you? Often we have forgotten who that person really is. What if you could deal with the emotions that hide behind the mask? We all wear masks so well  “oh I’m great”, “yes it’s fantastic” when in reality we are just masking over things. Maybe you could allow yourself to respond to things in a new way. The truth is you can heal from all sorts of pain that is behind the mask. You can lift it away and be free.

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