Imagine what’s possible:
Imagine if we all used our skills and talents to our greatest capacity. Wouldn’t the world be an incredible place? How many times have you heard the words “I would love to be able to do that” often said to you the reader, and often, you may dismiss that talent and shrug it off.

Use them, enjoy them, exercise them:
The gift of a talent is not meant to be shrugged off.  We get one life to use them. Yet, we think we have forever. If forever was a moment, how could you use your talents and skills more effectively, instead of hiding behind time, and leaving untapped masterpieces unseen, untold, unheard and unshared.

We learn from each other:
Perhaps its time to come out of your shell and share your talents and skills with the rest of us. Stop worrying about what others think. Begin to feel what it’s like to use your talents and skills. Who knows what you can achieve. Who knows the way you can inspire others. Who will know the potential within you if you will not share your unique abilities.

Stop Making Excuses:
You don’t need a college education to have skills and talents. They are often just beneath the surface, waiting to emerge and be seen, waiting to be heard, and waiting to be felt.

You are worth it:
This is just a little encouragement to help your realize the potential within you. Whether you are young or old, whether you are big or bold, talents and skills lie within you. Develop them. Show them proudly. Be yourself, and let them shine.