Did you watch RTE’s programme entitled “Taking Care of Business” last night? It was the 4th episode. Tommy Murphy and Sean Dunne are Financial Advisers with over 50 years experience. They are helping businesses look at the solutions to the problems they face.

Four businesses have been scrutinized so far. I am just wondering how we, you and I, can help these businesses. Lets start by and raising awareness of four people who have gone public about their debt and want to stay in Ireland and keep their businesses here.

Joe Doyle:

Last week we saw Joe Doyle who is like a beacon of hope in these tough times. One of the Dragons on Dragons Den described him as “the type of person Ireland needs”. Faced with the option of going Bankrupt in the UK an easy way out for some, he has made the decision to stay in Ireland and faces each challenge with the optimism and focus of a true businessman. “I am a businessman, I want to create employment”.  Unafraid of making tough choices, he is visionary and a warrior.

He has two businesses, one supported by one Dragons Den called Tenant Reference. He looked at the difficulties he faced as a Landlord trying to get good tenants, trying to keep track when the insurance and rent were due and wondering how to check the references of new tenants. The result is Tenant Reference.

His other business is called Insurance Works, and they take all the hassle out of getting repairs done when something goes wrong at home or in the office. Such as leaking pipes, roof repairs, and much more while helping the customer put through their insurance claim. It’s a 24 hour seven days a week service.

Lets help out:

Who do you know who is a Landlord that really needs to be much more organized and more in control? We all know people. Lets spread the word.

Check out http://www.tenantreference.ie

Who do you know who has a problem with a leaking pipe, a broken roof?

Check out http://www.insuranceworks.ie

Rathsallagh guest house

Rathsallagh Guest House featured. It’s a beautiful guesthouse. If you want to know what customer service is really about, go there. Joe O’Flynn used to stay in his office worrying about the money he owed to the bank until Tommy and Sean persuaded him to get out of the office and meet his suppiiers again. This is where he shines. Often our state of mind when faced with problems is to focus on the problem and not the solution. When Joe got out of the “bunker” (office) and started to do what he does best, meet with people, he felt better in himself, his energy improved and he started to get sales in. He has brilliant ideas and just needs support

Lets help out:

Who do you know that is getting married and is looking for a perfect place to have their wedding reception?

Who do you know that badly needs a few nights break away in a beautiful, peaceful location. Who could you buy a voucher for?

Check out http://www.rathsallagh.com

Fegan’s Food Service:

James Fegan is the third generation to run the family food business. When James took over, Ireland was booming and he was keen to expand the business from their old premises in Dublin city centre. However, he is struggling to repay over €3 million in debts. Fegan’s are a long established business in Dublin. It was interesting to see how when people are faced with problems, they retreat and stay in the office desperately trying to sort it. The advice given to James was to get out and meet his customers/suppliers again. It got him out of the office, gave him space to make better decisions and helped him reconnect with his customers. It also cleared his own head, made him feel better in himself. I often wonder about how business was done in the past, how it survived, long before social media. The truth is we knocked on doors.  We met our customers. We developed relationships. Business is all about relationships.

Who do you know in the food industry that might consider using Fegan’s services.  Check out:


Last night featured Griffin’s Bakery based in Galway.  Jimmy’s shop has been in Galway 150 years. He is the fifth generation running the family bakery. He is desperately fighting to keep the family business alive. He was advised to declutter, and shrink down the menu, and focus on what is selling well. Even though he has done all the right things, the footfall in the door has dropped significanty. Who do you know that would love to be supplied with great award winning breads?


We all know people.  We all have relatives and friends and colleagues.  Lets start helping one another.  Listen out when people are talking.  Share this information with them.  These four businesses all want to stay in business.  They want to employ people.

Business is about relationships, lets help re-build them if we can. Even in a small way. Lets spread the word. Lets give them some hope. Lets defy the odds. Lets talk about business. Lets even click into their websites, just to raise their rankings on Google.

We need hope. We need vision. We need support. They won’t get it from the Irish Government.

These are four businesses wanting to survive, against the odds. Do even a small thing, a chance conversation, send on this information to someone you know.

And ask yourself who do you know who would benefit from using these services?  I am not asking you to spend hours on this. Just five minutes out of your week.  What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Let’s get businesses working better. Lets get back to business. Lets feel good about helping someone you don’t even know.