With the summer sunshine blazing on Sunday the Dublin team had everything to be happy about. They played magnificently. The first half of the match tested them. Meath pulled out all the stops. By half-time, the Dublin team had to change their strategy.

The second half of the match changed the result
The Dublin team were fast, focused, hungry to win and with every kick of the ball they inched nearer and nearer the cup they won. What won the match was not how brilliant they were. It was the decision to change their strategy. That won them the match.

Changing strategies changes everything
How many times have you been doing something with little result? Truthfully we all have. It’s easy to keep doing the same thing, with little result. Changing your strategy however, changes everything. And you can win in business, in life, and in sport if you become aware when something isn’t working and you change your strategy. Dublin didn’t have a week or a month to change their strategy. They had a good coach. He changed the strategy. He sent them in the direction of winners. He helped them change their mindset, got them focused, and instilled in them the belief that winning was possible.

Your own coach
Imagine having that in your life, a coach who wants you to get the best out of your life and your business. Someone who wants you to believe in your talents and skills whatever they may be. Influence is powerful and hugely motivating. Quickly, smartly, and elegantly the Dublin team’s coach guided them to that cup of victory and how that thirst must have been quenched last night.

We can all model excellence. I am not suggesting that we all start playing Gaelic football. However, if we simply change strategies when they need to be changed, chances are you and I will have better results.

Coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy are powerful change agents
With the right skill set, you too or someone you know can gain powerful tools to help in many areas of sports, life and business. With the right mindset, the right focus, the right belief, and the right strategy, your cup will overflow too.  Are you up for the challenge?

If you feel I can help you or someone you know, just contact me and we will get working straight away on building your confidence and strategies.