Origami kusudama flower

Recently the sun has been teasing us, lurking behind the dark clouds, not showing it’s warmth or brightness. The unpredictable Irish weather – is it really here? Summertime.

And maybe, just maybe, there is a little metaphor here for you. When you lurk behind dark clouds of negative thinking, you no longer shine. It’s important to interrupt that pattern of negative thinking often so you can begin to feel better faster.

Begin to look for the positives within you, the good mind behind the face, the intelligent, the determination, the kindness, the you that sometimes gets lost trying to fit in. Wouldn’t be it wonderful to let the real you shine?

  • Stop worrying about what others think.
  • Begin to believe in yourself.
  • Act on your ideas, talents and skills.
  • Re-educate yourself if you have to.
  • Stop doubting yourself – give that the boot!
  • Be kinder and more loving to yourself.
  • Establish a voice inside your head that insists on saying good things about you.

If the sun doubted whether it would shine, we might never experience these beautiful days. Bring out the sunshine that’s in there in you – let it shine – be you – think big why not shoot for the stars and rise above the dark clouds.

Have a great summer.