When you are in a state of mind that is not helping you, you might ask yourself “how is this useful to me right now? And you can use your imagination to do this.  If you are using your imagination to think of bad stuff why not make it far more powerful by thinking more useful thoughts? Sports people do this all the time, they step into a different state.  They are focused and motivated.  They step into a state of being.

Stepping into a different state of mind
If you are going to think about the past, then make it useful.  Allow yourself to visualize a time when you were at your very best. You were at your brightest.  You shone from the inside out.  You are calm, relaxed and in control.   This is powerful stuff.  Use this and visualize how good you felt. Step into that powerful feeling now, running all those good feelings and perhaps anchor them inside your body now. Do this for a few minutes every day until your body is used to running the good feelings quickly.  Doesn’t it make sense to step into a more useful state of mind?

Make your state more useful in different situations
In your imagination run the good feeling before a meeting or playing a game. Fire off those good feelings where you were at your best, you felt great, you looked great and listen to how powerful that internal chatter is.  So that with each step taken you are stepping into a more useful state of mind.  You might consider having a trigger to fire this good feeling off like your hand on a door before you walk into a room or just with each step you take, stepping into that powerful more useful state.

Need help?
NLP coaching and hypnotherapy are powerful ways to help you change the way you think. If you are going to visualize then make it work for you in your favour so you can stop the self-sabatoge now.  If you need help or know someone who needs help, I would be delighted to help you achieve the positive results you want My contact details are here on the site.