Spring is in the air - time to spring clean your mind

Spring is in the air.  And now is the time to begin to spring clean.

Your head:
Imagine doing a nice spring clean on your head.  Gathering up all those old, unimaginative, dull, boring and useless negative thoughts. Then sweeping away all the layers of indecision and self-doubt.  Dusting off the heavy burdens on your own shoulders.  Basically getting rid of all the crap in your head.


Get polishing:
Then start polishing up the best of you. Showing off where you shine.  Now longer being on the shelf anymore. No longer lurking in the background now standing up for yourself proud and strong. Looking forward to newness and growth in your potential. Sowing seeds of self-belief. Feeding the possibilities within you. Taking care of you, and weeding out the bad habits.  Seeing the beauty within you. Feeling the positivity blossom.

Start anew:
You can either continue to doubt yourself or you can make a stand, start anew. Get up, face the world and face yourself.  A new season. A time of growth. A time to look at the newness around you.  Time to come out of the dark winter and into the brightness of spring.  Time to look at opportunities.  When others say there are none, look beyond their negativity. Find what you want to do.  Go to where you need to go.  And wherever you go, and whatever you do, allow yourself to blossom and the beauty within you to develop naturally. Grow and develop an unshakeable self-belief in yourself. You are a part of nature.  You have your part to play.  Start anew.  Start afresh.  Start to nourish your mind and your body.

Plant new useful ideas in your head:
Now is the time to shine, to bring out the best in who you are. To no longer allow others or yourself to stifle you with negativity. Let the season begin and look forward to planting new seeds of positivity, self belief and vision. Then enjoy watching as they blossom, grow and enrich you so you become all that you know you truly can be.

Happy planting, nourish often, cut back on the weeds, show off your beauty and continue to grow and as you do, you will be seen for what you are, beautiful.

Do you need help?
If you need any help realizing your true potential, NLP coaching and hypnotherapy can help. Just contact me on the phone, if I am unavailable, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Spring is in the air – time to spring clean your mind