What positive changes do you want for yourself?

Get real specific here.

Write your goals out of your head and on to paper. Goals become much more meaningful and purposeful if you use sensory based language. That’s the kind of language we use everyday. So what will you see, what will you hear, and what will you feel when you realize your goals.

Put a time limit on your goals:

Decide on a specific date and time when you want to reach your goals.

It’s got to be realistic. Most goals fail because they are not realistic. Setting one or two smaller goals might be more realistic for you. You can of course set long term goals. Make sure they are realistic. That way, it will be easier for you to focus on your goals.

How will you know when you have it?

What has to happen for this goal or goals to come about?

Is it achieveable?

Do you have the skills to do this? Chances are you do. List off the skills you have just to prove to yourself how capable you are, that you can do it, will do it, and want to do it. This will reinforce your belief in your subconscious.

Could anything stop you?

What could stop you from realizing your goals? What have you been getting out of not believing you can do this? Be honest with yourself.  What excuses have you been making?

How will your goal affect your family/friends:

You can set all the goals you like but unless you take this into consideration you are kidding yourself. There is no point in spending endless time away from home if you don’t get to see your family and/or have time for meaningful friendships.


What habits can you get rid of in order to help you achieve your goal?


Focus on the outcome. If things get tough, focus on the outcome you want. Change the picture in your head, and stop listening to that weary, boring, self-sabotaging voice that stops you. Flip the self-talk to the outcome you specifically want. What will you see, hear and feel.

You are the most important person in your life.

Setting goals will give you a sense of focus. It will give you something to look forward to. Why not get excited and energised? Isn’t it so much better than being bored? It’s time to come out of the darkness and shine, time to believe you can!

What do you think?