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And so, it is nearly Christmas. And soon, very soon, people will be making goals for the New Year but what about this year? This is a great time of the year to reflect on what you have already achieved. I remember reading that this is something Richard Branson does each year. He makes a list of all the things he has achieved in a year.  Now this does two things.It fires off all those neural pathways in your brain while you remember what you achieved. You begin to feel better about what you have actually achieved.

Maybe you went to a course, perhaps you ran a marathon, or that project you always wanted to do got done. If you have a diary, you could flick through it and see what you did during this year. See what had the most positive impact on you.  You might start thinking “I’ve done nothing”. I bet you have done much more than you think you have. Celebrating your achievements are just as important as aiming for new ones.

Perhaps you don’t really realize the way you impact on your family.  Maybe you read stories at night time to your children, or found a way to get through a challenging time. What you have achieved is worth celebrating. To others it may not be meaningful, but to you it is. And you can build on that and build on that.  You could list them all off, what you have achieved because we forget so easily our successes. So begin to remember them, and celebrate all the successes and accomplishments you have already achieved and build on that.

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