Recently I was at a family funeral.  As we walked away from the graveyard, my mother said to me “well that’s it, I am the only one left now”.  It got me thinking. How do people deal with loneliness?  It must be really hard to know that you are the only one left in a family.

Loneliness comes in many forms.
The one who is the life and soul of the party can often deep down be feeling lonely. Sometimes after break-ups being single can cause huge loneliness. Even the most beautiful person has experienced loneliness during their lifetime.

In business it’s no different.
The business owner often with so much to do and so many people to see is not perceived as someone who could even be prone to loneliness. The opposite is often the case. The truth is that business owners often have a lot of people to talk to each day, yet, not that many that want to listen.

Finding a good friend or colleague to chat to is important. Not just to dump your worries on them, but to have a laugh, to feel the banter of other people, and to share experiences. Support is a wonderful thing.

Find a friend – phone a friend – be a friend.
We all need friendships. Pick up the phone if you are feeling lonely. Often you will find that the person on the end of the phone is glad to hear from you.  I ring my mother each day. I might end up talking about cauliflowers, whose hip was replaced, why it’s raining or an array of things. It’s important that we all feel loved. One day we might be the only one left in our family.  Why wait till then.  Find a friend – phone a friend – be a friend.

What do you think?