To-day we see the start of the London Olympics 2012. With it, hope springs eternal.  Flags will fly.  Nations will unite.  For everyone taking part, there is a real sense of pride. They will all leave a legacy. They may look back when they are 70 years old and say to their grandchildren “look that was me”. They will have a sense of achievement and pride embedded within them.

Everything starts with an idea.  “Could I really do that”. Then that sense of hope trickles in. The heart flutters at the excitement of it.  Someone might say “you can do it”. And the belief is born. Once you start to see that picture in your head of achievement, the desire to be the best you can be motivates you. There is nothing like encouragement and inspiration to motivate any human being on the planet.

What do winners think while they are training:
•    They believe they can do better.
•    They focus on the end result – what they want.
•    They hear their own voice say something like “you can do this”
•    They feel the passion in every fibre of their being.
•    They will visualize themselves competing with passion and excellence
•    They keep going when the going gets tough

How mental preparation will help them:
Their mental preparation and belief in themselves is their greatest power right now.  What they say inside their head will affect their performance. How they make pictures inside their head will affect their performance. Their mental preparation will help them deal with stress, anxiety, and performance.

The question:
What if you took on just a fraction of their motivation to do what you want? How different would your day be?

•    What needs to happen to help you get motivated?
•    What needs to happen for you to believe in yourself?
•    What would you visualize for you?

Hypnotherapy and coaching are very effective tools in making a champion out of someone who needs that little push to be the best they can be.Who do you know that would benefit from being more motivated in their life?

Champions representing their country will compete against each other in the coming weeks. They have prepared well.  Physically and mentally.  What seemed like a dream is now reality.

Good luck to all the athletes.