Mindfulness Meditation

The second workshop is going really well at River Holistic Centre in Raheny.  The venue is really peaceful and there is a sense when you walk into the centre of just wanting to stay there.


The class started with focusing on the breath, which is the basis of mindfulness.  Most of the class found it difficult at first.  Taking the time to focus on their breath was not something they were used to.  Some were there because they wanted to relieve the stress in their lives, while others wanted to know how to meditate. I found that as the weeks went by, they all began to really understand the concept of mindfulness.  We had great fun along the way. For me it is really interesting watching people’s awareness grow.  They are a wonderful group of people.


Last week living in the fast paced world we live in, I found I didn’t practice myself for a couple of days.  I really felt the difference.  It felt like an electrical wire that had been stripped bare.  Good learning for me to share with the class.  Mindfulness helps you to focus, live in the present moment and realize that you can ease the chatter inside your mind.


I am looking forward to running the third workshop on 17th November at the lovely River Holistic Centre in Raheny.   If you want to come along, just let me know. Alternatively, you can contact the lovely Claire at River Holistic Centre whose tagline for the centre is “your holistic home”.   So if you want to feel at home, experience an introduction to mindfulness and a few tips on living life with a positive edge, I would love to see you there.


In the meantime, have a great week.


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