Are you stressed out of your head?

A little stress is a good thing.  It motivates us to get things done.  When you become over stressed on a daily basis, then you begin to feel the effects in your body. If you manage your stress now, you will become more effective, healthier, happier and live longer.  Here are a few tips for you along the way:

Top tips to manage stress

(1)   Practice progressive muscle relaxation techniques

(2)   Exercise plays a key role in reducing stress

(3)   Practice mindfulness and/or meditation/yoga/tai chi

(4)   Journal daily the things that concern you/ have you worried or stressed

(5)   Practice good breathing techniques

(6)   Plan your day the night before and know how your day starts.

(7)   Set goals and have something to look forward to

(8)   Stop the negative self-talk

(9)   Spend time with people who make you laugh

(10) Stop putting things off and stay active

Need help?

Hypnotherapy and NLP are fast effective methods to help you cope with stress and live a healthier happier life free from the negative effects of stress.

If you are suffering from stress or know someone who is, just contact me so I can help you eliminate the stress in your life and help you achieve the best from your life free from stress.

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