Last week we have experienced a lot of fog in Dublin. I pulled back the curtains and thought “fog, ah now what am I going to do”. I had to plan the journey. I had to make sure to take my time when driving. I had to turn on my lights full. I had to take things a little slower. I had to be careful.

It’s a little like when the fog of indecision gets inside your mind. There are choices to be made. And it’s sometimes like a thick fog getting in the way. What could you do so you could see more clearly, sharpen your focus and make decisions easily?


What do you need to plan so you can feel much better when it is done? Do you need to take time out for you and slow down? What careful considerations do you need to make?

If you face hitches along the way you can tell by your behaviour. You might feel stressed or panicked.What action do you need to take that will help you now come through that fog?

• Slow down and shine a light on what needs to be done
• Break actions into manageable chunks
• Monitor what needs to be done
• Is what you want realistic?
• Set a deadline for what you want to do and stick to it

Often change can create opportunity. You can either avoid the fog or work through it. Often when you go through it, eventually it fades, like the way it did here in Dublin these past few days. Eventually, the sun shone through, and things seemed brighter.

I see clients in my NLP and coaching practice in Raheny every day who experience these challenges and much more. I love when I see them come through the fog, see the light, and begin to realize that they can and will live a much more rewarding and fulfilling life.

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