As September is upon us, and classes are advertised everywhere, is this a time when you could do something just for you?

Perhaps you can begin to believe in the power of your talents and abilities and stop putting off the positive changes you really want to make in your life. Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to do, and haven’t gotten around to do it yet.  Why not just do it?  Ask yourself:

•    What do I want?
•    What will that do for me?
•    What will I see?
•    How will I feel?


You can put things off and pretend that you don’t have the time. Why not make the time? Imagine this time next year, you could be doing something else.

Why wait until 2014 to do what you want to do.  Start to develop a plan in your head. Ask yourself the above questions and go for it.  See the end in mind. Focus on what’s possible and tackle things head on.  I was in my forties before I went back to school, then college, and I haven’t looked back.  I was fourteen years of age when I left school and I always made excuses, until the day, I did something about it. As the poet Robert Frost said “I took the road less travelled and it has made all the difference.”

So what positive difference could you make in your life?  Why wait.  You could spend years talking about doing something, instead of actually doing it.

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