This week every gadget ‘s batteries I touched went dead.  The laptop, normally very reliable wasn’t holding any power.  The phone went dead on a daily basis.  The iPod (used for work with an amazing amount of five songs on it went dead) The Bluetooth in the car went dead after a couple of hours.  Then in came the keys.  They had it in for me too.  Lost then, found them, lost them found them.  Lost my glasses, didn’t find them, got them back, lost them, found them, and lost them again.  In fact I would need a pair of glasses to look for the glasses that I lost.

Sometimes we act like Superman/Superwoman without the cape
So I thought to myself.  Why is all this technology stuff happening to me?  Could it be that my own batteries were really running low and that everything else was coming out in sympathy with me?   It was a good metaphor for me.   I had certainly run the body into the ground, been tearing around like superwoman. Just as I am writing the laptop is going dead again!

The Problem
Now I can recharge the laptop.  I can recharge the phone.  I can recharge the iPod.  And if I got the Bluetooth out of the car, it would be reasonable to suggest that I could recharge that too.

The Question
What if my batteries need to be recharged?  We often plug in this and plug in that and get cheesed off when things are not going right.  When do we recharge our own batteries?  We are only as good as the power inside us.

The Answer
I’m plugging everything in and unplugging myself for a little while.  It’s easy to get caught up in a cyclone of things to do.  Unless we recognize the signs, the power light gets dimmer inside us, and we end up sick.

The Solution
Maybe it’s something to consider when everything starts going wrong, that really you need to get yourself right before everything else will fall into place. Maybe the solution is that you need to take time out for yourself and recharge your own batteries.
May the force be with you!