Yesterday, I was honoured to be in the presence of just some of Ireland’s students. Just some of the talent that walks amongst us each day. Their ideas, their passion, and belief in their products would stun even the most cynical. Much is written of what has happened to Ireland. Little is written of its vibrant creativity. It’s alive and kicking.

Creativity and Vision:

Yesterday I was in the presence of that sort of brilliance that is needed in every business: Creativity. It oozed from young people who had an idea for a business and went for it. They had passion and enthusiasm for their ideas. It shone through in their winning products and displays. They are a shining light to us all. For they are the future. Full of that genius magic that Einstein spoke about: imagination. And as he said:  imagination is more important than knowledge. It is that one spark of an idea, that genius of the moment that creates the best of an idea. And that is where businesses are born. And it is often the very simple things that are most effective.

Belief in What Was Possible.

Nothing could hamper their zest at being chosen to compete in the Dublin City Enterprise Board Awards yesterday. The importance of creativity cannot be understated. For it is that kind of mind, that spark of magic that creates ideas for businesses. It also creates solutions to problems. They deserve to be honoured. They deserve to be encouraged. They deserve to be respected. For they were simply magic!