Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is playing on the radio. Your imagination is running wild wondering why your Christmas is not as perfect as the adverts say it should be.  Then you happen to see that organized friend of yours who is only too delighted to explain how they have everything in and are all organised for Christmas.  Suddenly you are a bit like Rudolph and your nose is getting redder probably to blend in with the frustration that is beginning to appear on your face.

It’s countdown time.  And no matter how much you try to convince yourself, “it can’t possibly be this close”  it is!  And so, it’s time to make that last minute list. And of course you must check it twice.  Next you get real:

•    It’s happening – get over it and get cracking on what needs to be done
•    Set your budget – stick to it
•    Buy presents people want – not what you want
•    Shop first thing in the morning – less people around
•    Leave your cash at home if you have any – use laser cards instead
•    Stop making excuses and do what needs to be done
•    Hint – it was the same date last year.

If you hit the shops early, you will avoid the stressed out drivers who are now beginning to wave “fingers” at you.  Of course they are saying “Merry Christmas” in their own unique way!

So get cracking on the countdown to Christmas.  If the present are in, you will feel a little less stressed.  The Christmas songs on the radio probably won’t bother you as much.  And if you have the mis-fortune to bump into your highly organized friend, you can now wreck their head in a very Christmassy kind of way.