Yesterday I went to have my boots repaired. I tend to wear them down until the heels are almost on fire. I am a fast walker and wear shoes and boots out easily. By the time I got to the menders, they had that click-clack sound that’s not so great.

I had two pair of boots (which looked like they were yelping with sadness and were experiencing some smoke inhalation) and brought them to the shoe doctor service!  I knew I had no worries with my new shoe repair man.

I got straight to the point “you may need counseling before you repair these”. The new shoe repair man and I were on the same wavelength
“like dancing, do you?” he said good humouredly.  It was easier to bring my battered boots to someone I liked to do business with.  And it struck me, isn’t it all about relationships really.  Wouldn’t you rather do business with someone you liked?  I got a great service, and brand new looking boots which were ready for collection within 20 minutes.

I thought about my former shoe repair man who would give me a right earful on how difficult it would be for him to repair my rather well worn boots. He has lost out on business because of his attitude.  He didn’t listen to what I wanted as a customer. He just moaned, and moaned and moaned.  Customers don’t want to listen to moaning.  They just want to be listened to and want a good service.  Have you ever felt really good when you are listening to someone moaning?

Being respectful to your customers seems obvious. The people that stand out in business are those that listen to what their customers want. Nobody wants to listen to people moaning. Who do you think I will recommend when someone asks me the question “do you know a good shoe repair guy?”  There is only one place I will send them.  This is how business is being generated.  Moaning isn’t getting business. It’s back to good old fashioned please and thank you. It’s not just about being visionary in business, it’s about putting personality back into it.

So if you see me in my well repaired and well-heeled boots, you will know
that I make a choice to do business with people I like, people who are respectful and provide an excellent service. It’s an incredible bonus if they are good-humoured. And this combination is a winner for me.

What do you think?