With the para-olympics in full swing in London I find myself humbled and in awe of those wonderful participants. They inspire me to be a better person. I can’t help but think of how we, who have the full use of our bodies crucify ourselves with limiting beliefs about what we “can’t” do. Boy do we create our own dullness.

The power of beliefs
Imagine the incredible love that the parents of those young men and women feel as they watch the impossible become possible. Their hearts must soar with pride as they watch what “can” be done.

Most of us complain about the weather. We complain of being bored. We complain of bad relationships. We complain that we are not good enough. And most of the time, we are fairly persistent in this.

I don’t think the para olympian participants do this.  They look forward to the day knowing they face challenges way beyond what we could ever imagine. Yet they feel good about their training and they don’t have time to get “bored”. They are way too busy getting on with what they “can” do. There is futility in concentrating on the things you “can’t “ do.

Inspiration instead of perspiration:
I find them inspirational.  Devoid of dullness, they shine and have a vibrancy about them that would melt any heart. It beggars belief that those of us with the full use of our bodies take the time to moan and complain. None of us are perfect but if we started to look beyond our limitations, we could improve our daily life immeasurably.

I personally have had experience of having the right side of my body paralysed following a stroke at 36 years of age.  I’m lucky to have regained that strength. I’m also lucky to know what it’s like not to have that strength, because now, I really, really value it all the more. When my right hand wouldn’t move, I lifted it with my left!   I didn’t know whether to share this with you, and part of me didn’t want to. But in doing this, if I inspire one person to believe in their abilities more, then its worth it.

•    I ask you not to limit your life but to make good choices
•    I ask you to have belief in yourself whatever your education or status
•    I ask you to believe that it is never too late to start once more
•    I ask you to look for options when there appear to be none
•    I ask you to go looking instead of staying still

Thank you:
To the all the Para-Olympic athletes, I thank you.  You humble me.  You make me proud.  You inspire me.  You show me there are no limits.

Who do you know that I could help break through their limiting beliefs?