Self-belief is the foundation for success. Irish boxers recently won gold, silver and bronze medals. They took on Europe, saw that they could win and they did. With the right mindset anything is possible.

Having a vision
They believe in their abilities and skills. They think as winners. There may have been times when they doubted themselves. They went through the fear. They went through the limiting beliefs. They went through the uncertainty. They consistently and persistently practiced their way to success. They had a vision. It felt good.  They went for it. They didn’t listen to negativity. They focused on the outcome. Lots for us to learn!

Practical things
They eat the correct food that will nourish their bodies. They work out. They get better at what they do. They have a plan. They made it work. They are focused, determined and believe they can achieve what they want. They looked to their coach for guidance. He inspires them. They feel the pride in what they do. They work as a team.

Boxing clever in life
You don’t have to be a boxer to succeed in life or business. If you develop a strong self belief in yourself you too can have a vision. Focus on the outcome you want. Ideas are great but action is necessary. Inaction will stifle you and make you feel frustrated. I feel its time to box our way out of this recession in our minds. Time to think like champions.  Self-belief is the foundation for success.

Need help
Coaching and hypnotherapy are wonderful tools to help you begin to believe in yourself, in your capabilities, skills and your talents. If you feel I can help you or a colleague you know, my contact details are here on the site.