Often people focus on their inadequacies.  If you only realized how powerful you are. Even the ability to have a thought is so powerful.  Fear drags us down. Often it is the fear of fear itself.  What is on the other side of fear?

Our greatest influence is the voice inside our head.  If you begin to believe in yourself, your potential will sky rocket.  You are far greater than you think you are.  You were born with potential. You were born to shine. Just like the stars in the darkened skies.  You deserve to have that spark inside you, to shine. And when you do, you will inspire those closest to you, whether in work, at home, or on the football pitch.

So many people have such amazing skills and talents. Yet, they focus on
feeling bad. Begin to recognise your own unique skills and talents.  Use them.  Enjoy them.  Share them.  So maybe you are not good at maths. You are brilliant at something else.  You are unique in every sense of the word.  Feeling small about yourself does nothing for you or humanity.

Beginning to believe in yourself is the greatest gift you will ever experience. Failure is just a word.  Better to look at things that may not have worked out as feedback.   And with feedback there can be changes. There can be options.  And there can be hope.

Begin to believe in the essence of who you really are.  You are unique and you do have potential. You were born to shine. Step back into the sunshine of your life.