With the right mindset you can be a winner in business, sport and life.

With Irish jockeys and horses doing so well in Cheltenham I wonder what makes a winner. The jockey and horse have to work as a team.  They have to respect each other. They have to believe in each other. They have to be fit, sharp and focused.

Imagine a horse doubting his abilities:

•    I don’t know if I can
•    Everybody else is better than me
•    I don’t think I’m good enough

Your thoughts create your outcomes:

So how can you help yourself?  If you allow your mind and body to work as a team, you will have astounding results. Your thoughts create your outcomes. For your mind and body to work as a team you might consider the following:

•    Stop the negative chatter in your head.  Demand that you stop!
•    Imagine a red light, a stop sign as a trigger to stop the thoughts
•    Decide what foods you will now put into your body to give you energy
•    Exercise the negativity away, plan well and just do it

As a coach and hypnotherapist, I see people every day with issues ranging from anxiety, fear, boredom and much more.  I will ask them “where do you feel that in your body”. Some will have churning sensations in their tummy or it feels like it is in knots.  Others may feel tension in their head and get headaches.  The mind body connection is phenomenal.  The body is always sending us messages,trying to communicate.  Often we don’t listen and that’s not the answer. Isn’t it about time we respected our minds and bodies more?

Mind body connection

If you look after your mind and your body, you will be a winner.  You will feel
fitter, make better decisions, and deal with stress easier.

Teamwork is what gets things done. Belief is what champions eat for breakfast. So what about beginning to believe that you can be better than you think you are. Look after your mind and body and you will reap the rewards.

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