What are my options?

There are always options.  Often you say things inside your head like “I don’t now what to do”.  In order to get a different perspective on things ask yourself “what are my options”.  Then list them.

Start to ask yourself the right questions:
Your brain is better than the most sophisticated computer ever invented.  It has every answer you need. If you focus on what you don’t want, that’s when you will experience those moments of panic and confusion. Stop yourself when this happens.  Ask yourself “what are my options”.  List them.

You will have greater clarity:
When you realize you have options, you will feel more in control.  A client of mine recently said that he didn’t really get it when I kept asking him “so what are your options”.  This was new to him.  He has always said to himself “I don’t know what to do”. He basically programmed himself to look for confusion.  Now he asks “what are my options”.  He feels more in control, makes faster decisions and feels good about himself. He has greater clarity.


1.    What are you options?
2.    List them.
5.    Action time!

Best wishes and have a great week.