Sometimes relationships are great.  Sometimes they are difficult.

Relationships are a bit like a bank account.  If you think of your relationship as a bank account here are a few things to consider:

Making lodgements in your relationship bank account might include:

  • Making time for that someone who needs to talk to you.
  • Listening to someone close to you.
  • Helping someone in need

Withdrawals from your Relationship Bank Account might include:

  • Flying off the handle and being reactive
  • Always taking and rarely giving
  • Hurting the ones who love and care for us

How many lodgements have you made into your relationship bank account? Have you made too many withdrawals from the relationship bank account?

Stephen Covey in his ground breaking book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People “covers this point excellently. Relationships need to be handled well.

We all want healthy bank accounts.  A lot of the time we may not have as much as we want financially.  Having a healthy relationship bank account
will bring more rewards than any money bank account and that means making plenty of lodgments of kindness, and caring, giving, and loving.  So make sure to make those positive relationship lodgements. After all, we only get back what we put in.