This week, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week in Ireland, and there are many wonderful seminars to help you around the country. It’s important for you to realise that your mind matters. You matter.

In recent years we have seen Niall Breslin, Garreth O’Callaghan and George Hook all speaking openly about depression. They are champions unafraid to speak out about their experiences with depression and encouraging mental and emotional well-being.

How you think greatly affects your behaviour. Sometimes you paint pictures in your head and then turn it into a mental movie. All movies need sound, so you throw in a bit of self-criticism. You become the scriptwriter, director, producer, and you play all the parts. All of this will create feelings that will drive your behavior.

The mind-body connection is incredible. Our minds are always knocking on the door of our subconscious telling us to deal with issues that we have so often pushed away.Your mind sends messages to you all the time. It wants you to survive and thrive. Often that means dealing with the stuff that we don’t want to deal with.

Become aware of what triggers you. It might be that internal voice. It might be something external, something someone says to you. Whatever they are, recognise the triggers for what they are, and realise that you can get help. You can learn to deal with the triggers.You have value.You are important.You do matter.You do count.You do make a difference.

Change your voice in your head to a kinder, more loving voice. Make a new movie that is worth watching that has good feelings attached to it. You will need to do this repeatedly as the mind works on patterns.

Hang on to hope for it shines even in the darkness.You are not mad. You are a human being going through an emotional experience.

Isn’t it time you realised that your mind matters. You are worth looking after.

If I can help you, or someone you know, just contact me, my details are here on my site because your mind matters.