The season is changing in Ireland and the leaves have started to fall. You see them gathered almost everywhere. Yellowey green, some just turning crimson, they crunch under your feet as you walk. Nature has a way of letting go of things it no longer needs.

Maybe its time for you to let go of stuff that you have been holding onto that doesn’t serve you well. It might be anger or stress. Maybe you can stop fighting with yourself in your mind. Perhaps it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf.

You don’t see the leaves fighting with the trees. They just let go of what isn’t nourishing anymore. They wait in the full knowledge that spring-time is just a little while away.

As you are walking through the fallen leaves, think of this season as a time for letting go of old stuff and reflecting on new buds of opportunity that excite you and that you can work towards.

If you could turn over a new leaf what would be it be?

What would you see?

How would you feel?

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