There is no doubt when it comes to criticism, we are our own worst enemy.  Where would you find a friend that would say things like “you’re stupid” or “you will never get that job”.

One way of dealing with that inner critic is to stop it in its tracks.  So lets imagine you are having a right old rant in your head criticising yourself to no end.  You need to interrupt that pattern of thinking immediately.

  • Imagine a big red stop sign in front of you. Then say inside your mind to the thought STOP. Now bring up an image of someone you admire.  It might be someone who exudes confidence or a comedian that makes you laugh your socks off.  Focus on what it is you like about them.  Maybe the way they look, the way they sound and how that makes you feel.
  • What you are really doing here is interrupting the pattern of criticism that is going on in your head.
  • You need to do this constantly in order to break the habit of criticising yourself that has become a pattern in your mind.

I would prefer to see you do this 500 times a day rather than bring yourself down in your head.  This is one of many techniques that you can use to stop that criticism in its tracks.  It’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost anything.  So why not feel better about yourself now.  Stop speaking so critically to yourself and start to think decent thoughts about yourself.

Imagine changing that criticism for more useful thoughts. When you change you thoughts, your behaviour will also change.

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