There are two types of hypnotherapy using conscious hypnosis.

  • Suggestion therapy
  • Hypno-Analysis also called Hypno-Psychotherapy

Suggestion therapy: Rapid and effective - requires approximately 1-3 sessions. Used for simpler problems such as nail biting, slimming, pre-test nerves etc. During your first session, I will record a solution-focused audio for your specific needs. Your unique personalised audio will be designed to be listened to at bedtime. Even as you begin to sleep the work is still ongoing. You will find this really beneficial.

Hypno-Analysis: Excellent for anxiety. This is a much deeper level of therapy to get to the root cause once and for all. It usually consists of 8-12 weekly sessions. Think of cause and effect: every symptom must have a cause. Patterns within your subconscious mind, are often triggered and cause you anxiety. You don’t know why you are reacting the way you do. If there are deep-seated emotional issues that have not been dealt with and they are triggered in some way, shape, or form, the subconscious will cause anxiety to your body. It’s almost like it’s telling you it’s time to sort things out.

The service I offer is very personal and strictly confidential. I use a bespoke service for every individual. Everyone is different. I personalise the service to you. Get in touch today and we can design a programme that suits your need.

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